Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Better Start!

Wednesday is my weigh-in day. I was thrilled to find I had lost a pound. Yes, one little pound, but it makes me closer to my goal. AND, I am going to try again to go to Aqua Fitness tomorrow (it only meets on Tuesday and Thursday). I actually LOVE the water, but have avoided it since gaining weight. Kinda a Catch-22 situation.

I got a lot done on my Christmas Notebook yesterday at Craft Day. I will be including shopping tips, sites and discounts over the next few months as we get closer to Christmas. Hopefully some of y'all will be able to use them.

Our new kitchen floor is being installed TOMORROW!!!! I am soooo happy. I will try to post some photos after it is finished. I'm still new to this so it may take a while.

Tonight NOBODY has a meeting/practice or anything else so we will be eating as a family. I'm about to go through some recipes to figure out what to make.

As I read over what I've written I see how 'plain' it is, but I'm still new to doing this and have kept my sense of humor in check so as not to let on exactly how weird I am. Eventually as I feel more comfortable with posting I am sure it will emerge so bear with me!

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