Friday, June 19, 2009

My Two Sisters

My two sisters are visiting from Atlanta. We have a brother, but he chooses to be uninvolved in our lives. Enough about him...

Teri and Sheri arrived yesterday. They flew here (thanks Bob!). Neither of them like to fly. Both decided they needed a little help. Teri chose Vodka. Sheri chose medication (directed and prescribed by her physician). Teri was recognizable when they landed. I can't say the same for Sheri. We stopped at The Summer Kitchen Cafe on the way home. Sheri actually fell asleep while eating. I have never seen anything like this. Sheri also feel asleep while riding in the car, talking, standing and doing just about everything else she attempted yesterday.

Today she announced that anything said yesterday didn't count. I quickly realized exactly how little time she had spent actually awake. She remembered NOTHING we had talked about yesterday.

We spent this morning shopping (they HAD to see Nobbies) then we went to China Buffet for lunch. Afterward my granddaughter Scarlet came over. Neither of my sisters had met her before. They agreed that she is the perfect child.

As with any story, there is more than one side. Although I will be continuing the story of their trip over the next few days, I encourage y'all to go to their blogs and read what they have to say about the trip. You will see how stifled my creativity has become what with the medication I am taking.



Teri said...

New stuff, new stuff, new stuff. Pictures????

Teri said...

Create a button, and I'll put it on my blog.