Monday, April 23, 2012

Here we go again...

I weighed this morning. It was the highest number I've ever seen on a scale. I wish I could say that I've never seen that number before, but it wouldn't be true. I guess seeing THAT NUMBER really shocked me back into reality. I can't "just eat this once" and I can't "just skip this workout". One salad and one workout won't make me healthy just as one cheeseburger and one skipped workout didn't make me fat. It's the continual habits that make me who I am and I'm not happy with the person I am right now. I (once again) reset my weight and measurements on the WW website. I then tracked everything I ate today and even worked out, earning 4 activity points. I will continue and I will blog about it. I've heard that facebook killed the blogger, but I'm hoping my renewed dedication to get healthy will spill over into my blogging habits. Tonight I'm having a Smart Ones Chicken Oriental Dinner (6 PointsPlus) and Arnold Palmer (made w/Splenda - 0 PointsPlus). My total for the day is 1 PointsPlus over my daily PointsPlus Allowance, but we get 49 Bonus Weekly PointsPlus so I'm doing good.

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