Wednesday, June 18, 2008


After a vacation in Alabama and Georgia (where there is a HUGE drought) I sit here in Nebraska with more water than we know what to do with. Lots of people are faced with flooding, but we are safe at probably the highest point in Bellevue. A strange water problem came up when I found two open water bottles in the refrigerator. I had left one and didn't know which one was mine. Yes, I was probably related to the person who drank from the other, but drinking from either bottle kinda creeped me out so I was going to pour both out. I decided that I would fill Dexter's (our lab/beagle mix) bowl when I was caught by one of our sons. "You are giving the dog bottled water?" he asked. Instead of explaining I said, "Of course. I drink bottled water. Why would I give any less to my beloved pet?". "He licks his butt. I don't think he would mind tap water." is the response I got. Ah, the joys of having all boys...

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