Monday, May 4, 2009

Holy Crap! Has it been 8 months since I posted???

Yeah, I hit a plateau way back in September and then the holidays came around, but no excuse to not post in 8 months!

Over the holidays I gained 1 pound. Not bad considering all the temptations. I'm on the wagon and becoming more healthy everyday. I still am not exercising nearly enough, but am making an effort. I even went to the pool!!! It had been many years since I had been in a swimsuit, but the water felt great and I'll continue going back at least until I need a smaller size swimsuit.

We have a very busy May this year. Our second son is graduating (where did the time go?) and there are several awards nights, events, programs, etc. to attend. We have TWO nights this whole month that there isn't something scheduled.

I'm going to close for now, but promise to be better about posting. Think positive thoughts and we'll all be wearing bikinis before long!